Monday, June 4, 2012

that makes sense.... huh?

Now that we are all gainfully, fruitfully, happily employeed, and plan to stay that way for the next eternity, we are working on paying down some of the credit accounts we ran up while the hubby was searching for this most wonderful job- and persuing his dream of restoring old guitars. (How's that working out for you, dear?) We are making enough each month* that I've been trying to pay at least double the payment amount, especially on the highest interest rated ones. I know Total Money Makeover says to pay smallest first so you have satisfaction right away and I get that, I really do, but.... it kills me to continue paying THAT MUCH in interest every month. So, we decided to see our bank about a bill consolidation loan; one payment, extremely low interest rate. Yes, please! Only we don't qualify- even with our increased yearly income, very good bordering on awesome credit ratings and two previous loans there paid off early. Why, you ask? Because of our credit cards! Which is why we were there in the first place! It's craziness, people.
So, I will continue making multiple payments each month, and cringing every time I see the interest rate. And I am NEVER letting this happen again. Honey, I'm talking to you now- this was your one time only to quit your job with nothing lined up. I agreed with you because your previous employer SUCKED and it was killing not only your soul but ours as well, and it was the right thing to do. Plus, wow! Great new job... three months later. (Hmmmm I guess there really is something to that "have enough for 3 months of bills in savings" thing. Who knew?) But, next time, please start looking at the want ads before you turn in your notice. Thanks and I (still) love you, dear.

*I'm not bragging. We are by no means rich, or really, even "middle class"; I just meant compared to when we were unemployed. :)

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