Wednesday, August 22, 2012

new school year

School started last Wednesday. We are all having trouble adjusting to the early morning alarm clocks. What I don't understand is this: the kids grumble and complain about getting up every morning (I sometimes have to wake K up 3 or 4 times!) and yet they also bitch and moan about bedtime. I guess I sort of get it. Kids want to stay up "late"; it's like a sign that they are more grown up. But the middle school has the earliest start time (7:20) and with two kids to get ready we have to wake up at 6:00, even if they both take their showers the night before (often only one makes it though). We have yet to get through a morning without raised voices, threats (or as I call them "promises", as in "I promise you, I will take your phone away if you don't ready for school and you know I'll do it!"), physical violance (from the kids, not me- so far) and these four words "You're late! Hurry (the fuck) up!" Yes, it's four words because I don't say "the fuck" out loud... most of the time. And we have 9 more months of this, plus Christmas Break-itis, Spring Break-itis and Summer-itis, to get through. Joy.

Last night, an hour after bedtime, S came out to say "I can't fall asleep!" (in a very pissed off voice like it was possibly our fault somehow). So, I knew I was in for a real treat this morning. And boy, was it a show. He tried to wear a shirt he has already worn twice (I'm pretty sure he hasn't done laundry in about 2 weeks). It's only the 6th day of school. I'm flattered he likes a shirt I bought for him so much but every other day? Really? After changing he actually threw himself to the floor and refused to get up until the afore-mentioned phone promise. As he started to wake up, his mood improved, though he didn't stop trying to weedle his way into a day off (puh-lease, it's the 6th day of school!). I even saw him smile, though he quickly changed it into a glare when I caught him. Hopefully I can get him to go to bed early tonight so he's not such a bitch tomorrow. Only room for one bitch in this house and right now, that's me! (I'm going to take a nap...)

P.S. Totally off subject but- I will still be uploading pictures from the awesome vacation. I'm just waiting until after I share them with the Seester.

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