Saturday, May 19, 2012

busy, busy, busy

This week has just been totally jam-packed! So I think, to fit it all in, I'm just going to do a run down. It's not nearly as clever but it is easier, and since this week isn't over yet I need easier.

Monday: Since I missed our family Mother's Day outing I went to see the Madre. I love, love, love my mom. She really gets me, you know? Especially my goofy sense of humor. She recently got bit by the reading bug again (finally!) so I bought her a new book as part of her Mother's Day gift... and she had already read it! I haven't even read it yet. LOL After leaving her I swung by the boys' doctor's office to pick up their scripts and was going to get them filled when the husband texted me to say "Pick up K from school- he doesn't feel good and his back hurts so he doesn't want to walk home". So I changed course and went to get my baby (he's 11 but he's still my baby). He was sitting on the bench by the door and was so out of it he didn't even see me sitting there for a minute, a teacher had to go get him. He came home and passed out on the couch and, despite the nap, didn't complain about going to bed that night, so I knew he wasn't faking.

Tuesday: K was supposed to have choir practice before school (they are singing at the Cardinal's game July 8th!! Go to the game. LOL) and then 5th grade awards ceremony at 9:00. When I went to wake him up though, he asked to stay home and he looked so sickly I said yes, even though no fever and no throwing up usually means no staying home. So, there went my plans for the day, too. I just took a nap, did errands- groceries, library, something else I can't remember. Then hit the sister's to borrow her yoga mat and picked up dinner on the way home. Yes,. I picked up dinner even though I just bought groceries.

Wednesday: Got the kiddos off to school. Got a pot roast and the fixin's going in the crock pot. Bummed around the house. Went swimming at lunch time (boy, was it crowded). Went to my first ever yoga class that night. It's Kundalini yoga so it's all done sitting or lying down. Yay! Came home to the best pot roast ever (how in the world did I do that?! I'll never be able to do it again.)

Thursday: I'm the one who woke up sick this day. So, I just got the kids off to school and went back to bed. Then spent most of the day just reading. Ordered delivery for dinner. Barely ate any of it. Just blah- no energy, no appetite. It was also World NF Awareness Day. Since I missed posting the rest of my story that day, I will post it later today or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow.

Friday: A whole week's worth of go wrapped up in one day. The last day of the school year!!! Weeeee! Got the kids off to school. Took a shower. Hit the bakery (which I should have done Tuesday but oops!) to see about a cake for S's 13th birthday party tonight. I was too late to order so I left to go search elsewhere (but I really, really love their cakes). Went to the nail salon to get my nails all did up- I had nibbled, snapped or torn the tip off of every single one this week. Went back to the bakery and just bought one of their "frozen fresh" cakes. They personalized it for me "13 years of awesome"... that's what he asked for. It's his birthday. Then Target for party supplies, Chick-fil-a drive thru for lunch then the school parking lot to get the last good parking spot for the "Last day of school parade". My first one ever- and last chance since my baby is going to be a middle schooler next year! Ate lunch in the car then headed out for one of the few remaining spots in the shade at the beginning of the parade route. Then 45 minutes to kill until it started. The fifth graders got to march at the beginning so I made sure to get K's attention (in a non-embarrasssing way, I swear!) as he went by so he'd know where I was. Then, as the parade came back around, I kept my eyes peeled for him so I could wave again. Only, I thought I missed him because I couldn't find him until the very end. He and two of his friends were the last of the 5th graders to go marching by and they stopped to give me a hug! I felt really special (and no, I'm NOT being sarcastic. It was really sweet). Then, as they scooted back in line, I yelled "Sixth graders!!! Woooo!!" really loud- but they weren't embarrassed, they just joined in. LOL

That sounds exhausting, no? Well, guess what, that was only HALF of my Friday. I'm getting tired again just thinking about it.

After the parade I checked K out of school early, came home to pick up S then we all went to the Rec Plex for some working out and swimming. They played. I did 2 minutes on the elliptical (yes 2; my weak thigh muscle's going to need time to work up to more) and 30 minutes on the bike then headed down to the pool to join the boys. They played some more and I did laps. On my back. It's not as good a workout as regular swimming but it's so much easier on my neck. I don't know how many laps I did but I swam for about 30 minutes then we left at 5:00 to get stuck in rush hour traffic on the way home (planned that out well, didn't I?). Dinner was app-happy (toasted ravioli, taquitos, chimichangas, etc etc etc) to celebrate the last day of school AND the season finale of Supernatural. (It was kinda slow but the ending was AWESOME! Holy crap! I can't wait until next year.)

Then I went to bed. And slept 12 hours straight without even getting up to go to the bathroom.

But, like I said, the week isn't over. I have S's 13th birthdauy party tonight. Then Girl's Night Out (which has turned into GNO+husband/boyfriend. Whatever. I'm in. ) But I'm pretty sure I have tomorrow off. I think. I hope.

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