Wednesday, May 9, 2012

a little tiny bit off subject

~NF Awareness Month~ (sorta kinda)

If you've been doing your daily reading and taking notes, you'll understand which part of this story is NF2 related.

I took the boys to the Rec Plex (think YMCA only fancy-ish) to go swimming in the indoor "leisure pool". Its cool- there is a "lazy river" (ummm more like a bend in a lazy river), a water slide and a whirlpool/vortex plus some random spaces for just paddling around. Next to the leisure pool is an Olympic size swimming pool that can be sectioned off into various zones such as swim lanes, diving area (they have spring boards and platforms), and open swim areas. And surrounding everything is... tiled flooring. Oh, yay! Not so much. The swim lanes were closed at the end closest to the ladies locker room b/c of high school water polo matches. And I thought I would be feeling uncomfortable for people to see me in my swimsuit! But mostly I felt uncomfortable trying to not actually look anywhere so no one would think I was checking these scrawny kids out. Anyway. Since the floors are tiled (and wet!) and the open swim lanes were half a football field away, I decided I'd better play it safe and stick to the kiddi...ahem "leisure" pool. It kinda sucked. I wish that I could be stable enough to walk on wet tile, edging past teams of teenage boys in speedos (I assume- I didn't look, swear!) without worrying about falling. Because the only thing more embarassing than falling in front of a crowd of people is trying to get up in front of a crowd of people.

Now I'm going to bed because all of that exercise- not the swimming, the NOT looking- has just tuckered me out.

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