Tuesday, September 4, 2012

i feel like sharing...

but I don't really have anything to say. :( I've been stuck at home with this stupid cold. Mold and ragweed are both at "high concentration" levels today so it would mean my death to go outside. Okay, so maybe that's a little (teeny, tiny) overly dramatic. But it would mean I could add itchy/watery eyes (that are already crusty anyway), runny nose, and sneezing to my nasal congestion (yes, my nose can be runny AND stuffed up at the same time- its just special that way) and hacking, phlegmy, gross tasting (I told you about the burnt snot thing, right?) cough. So not worth it. Like I'm some great outdoors person anyway. My husband once answered a magazine quiz question about me regarding my favorite thing to do outside. His answer: complain and go back inside. Awww, he really does know me. LOL The only other things would be read and nap- if the weather conditions were just right. Am I physically active or what?!
Actually with my swimming and yoga and belly dance I was getting there. Until that stupid mountain tried to kill me. But I'm mostly healed so I guess I'd better get started again. The public pools may be closed for the summer (which is stupid because it's going to be hot enough to swim for the rest of the month I bet) but I have a pass to the Rec Plex and they have an indoor pool. Time to break out the water shoes again. To help nudge me along, this Saturday I'm registering for the Lose to Win Challenge here in St. Louis. It's a 12 week weight lose program that (I have no idea how it works) helps motivate you (in some way) to lose weight and possibly win prizes. I'll tell you more about it after Saturday, when I will hopefully find out more. I'm half excited, half scared, half... wait. Okay, just scared and excited. LOL* Not scared like scary movie scared, more like fear of failure, they're gonna make me give up my diet soda scared. But I am going to keep y'all posted throughout so you can be my cheerleaders. :) But no negative comments if I derail! Positive reinforcement only, please.

*Do you think I LOL too much?

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