Tuesday, September 18, 2012

this just pisses me off

And I'm not afraid to tell you. I think I'm mentioned before (or, really, you could just figure it out if you've read more than one of my posts) but I have absolutely no problem with telling people how I feel. And I do not mean telling my kids I love them when they leave for school in the mornings. So, this is what happened today...

I went to the library to pick up a few books. I LOVE our library, but I HATE the parking lot there. It's basically a hill with the top being about 4 spaces across. It's crazy dangerous for me, since I don't have the best track record when it comes to hills. Needless to say (though I'm saying it anyway), I always park in the handicap spaces there. I don't like to feel that I'm taking advantage of my tag but I got it for a reason and that parking lot is the reason. It's a death trap. (Also, the parking lot of St. Charles Gingham's but anyway...) when I got there all the handicap spaces were full so I parked as close as I could on the less steep side of the hill and zig zagged my way up. As I approached the ramp up onto the sidewalk I noticed a car, with the driver sitting inside waiting, with no handicap tags... in MY space! So, what did I do? I marched right up that car and said "I just thought you'd like to know I actually AM handicapped. But I couldn't park here because you are!". Then I turned around and stumbled (a bit more than perhaps I normally would have. Ahem.) into the library. When I came out 5 minute later my spot was empty, waiting for its next rightful parker. Parkee. You know what I mean. So, yeah, all you non-rightful parkees, you are now on warning.  I will embarrass you in public if you try to steal a "good" spot if you have no right to it. And, seriously, if you, the driver, are just sitting in a car waiting, there is absolutely no reason you can't park further away and pull up when your passenger comes out. Unless you're the getaway driver. Then boy, would you be stupid to park illegally. And who robs a public library anyway? 

By the way, I've now figured out the answer to a question my sister asked in random conversation years before I got my handicap parking tab.  The reason stores often take up "good" spaces with parking corrals is so the handicap people don't have to walk so far to put their carts away. Target is great for this; Walmart not so much. At times I will pick a space further from the door at Walmart if it's closer to the cart corral. Because by the time I'm done hauling my ass around the behometh my legs are shaking. And I refuse to fall down in the freakin' Walmart parking lot.  

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