Saturday, September 15, 2012

sunny days are here again...

Well, actually its chilly, rainy and gloomy- just the way I like it. There's something about a rainy Fall day that makes me feel all warm and cozy inside my house. We turn the heat up (just a tad) and keep the lights low. The only thing that would make it more perfect would be a fire, if we had a fireplace. (So, in our case, a fire would totally ruin my day.)

How's the "lifestyle change" going? (No, not that kind of change- it's a diet.) Well, thank you for asking- I've lost 3 lbs. I'm doing pretty good so far (pizza night killed me though. No more of those!)
I'm cycling. Not on a bike, with my calories. (Product placement alert!) I've been using this free LoseIt! app on my iPad. I can enter all my food intake, and it has a look it up feature so most of the time I don't even need to know the calories of what I'm entering, it can search them for me. Plus it has a long list of exercises and their calorie burning rate. I just select and enter how long I did it for. (And house cleaning counts as exercise! Yea- fist pump!)  This log is so much less work than a pen and paper log. It makes tracking so easy. And it's very helpful to see exactly how many calories I've already eaten. But, anyway, back to calorie cycling. According to LoseIt! to hit the weight loss I want each week I can eat 1750 calories a day. To keep my body from rebelling and going into "starvation mode" (ummm, yeah, I'm pretty sure it would because before I started I logged a "normal" day and 1750 is much, much less. I'm an emotional eater and apparently I'm always emotional.) I start day 1 at 300 calories less than recommended, so 1450 (stay with me here), then on Day 2 go to 1750, then Day 3 I  get to go up to 2050, then it starts all over again. So every 3rd day I have that "big calorie" day so my body doesn't start preparing for hibernation. It's working pretty well so far. I've mostly hit right at or close to my limit each day (except pizza night. I'm so ashamed. But it was SO GOOD.) Oh, and I've given up the drink. I've only had one soda this whole week. A Diet Dr. Pepper, which I used to like but it tasted weird this time (I'm trying very hard to convince my brain that this is true so go with it.) so I didn't want any more. (That actually is mostly true.) What am I drinking instead? Water. Lots and lots of water. So we are going through lots and lots of toilet paper. (TMI alert!) I swear I pee twice as much as I drink. That's okay though, I can use my soda money for extra TP instead. :D

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