Sunday, September 23, 2012

this, that and the other

Wow- lovin' this weather! Fall weather is my favorite- crisp and cool and clear. The air just smells cleaner. That should be Spring, right? Except in Spring it storms a lot so around here it always smell kinda... moldy. Like wet, dead leaves. So, Fall weather is my fav. And, of course, there's Fall clothes- jeans and layers (but not too many layers) and thin sweaters, with no bulky winter coat making you feel like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. The sky is bright and blue today without the searing intensity of the Summer sun. I can walk outside without immediately breaking out into a sweat- definite plus. In fact, it's that perfect weather for reading outside that I was talking about. Well, almost. Just a little cooler would be fab because then I could take a throw blanket out to wrap up in while I read. I've mentioned my love of cocooning, nesting, swaddling, etc, yes? The weather man (who we trust to be wrong about half the time) is saying more rain is headed this way. But it's not staying long. I hope this Fall stretches out until Christmas... ok, ok Thanksgiving. Because I love Winter, too.

This past Saturday we got to throw a House Party (yes, it's supposed to be capitalized*) for our new Keurig Vue- which is utterly fantastic! (And it was FREE, my favorite word, just for being selected to show it off). I wasn't much of a coffee drinker before but there are so many varieties! The Sister and her family were our guests. We had fun trying the different flavors and giggling over our high tech coffee maker. It has a touch screen, people! I feel like one of the Jetson's here. I read somewhere that 2 cups a coffee a day is actually good for you (for now); finally, a health rule I don't mind following. ;) Also, it's so nice to be able to use all my many coffee cups, that I collect from... everywhere. It's like I knew.

House Party is this website/word of mouth marketing business that products of all types use to get the word out about new or changed products ranging from wine to tv shows to coffee makers. ;) Applicants sign up to be hosts for a party revolving around whatever the product is; to invite a certain number of guests and share the information about said product. It ususally happens around a certain event (i.e. Velvetta did one around Super Bowl one year) or holiday (Betty Crocker does a yearly cookie party at Christmas) to which the product is in some way linked. I'm not explaining this well- just go to and check it out.

Progress reports came home (via my inbox) last week. The boys are doing really good this year. All As and Bs. I can't believe 1st Quarter is already halfway done though. The boys are learning that their respective grade years are a bit more challenging than last year. I tried to tell them, which means they didn't listen. But I have absolutely no problem with telling my kids "I told you so!" so there was a small (ok, not so small) amount of satisfaction there. Awesome mom, huh?

I've left the best for last- my weekly Win to Lose update. I've been doing the calorie counting thing and trying to work out daily (yeah, not so great with that. yet.). At my second weigh in I astounded the nurse by posting a 5 pound loss!! Wheeeee! Tracey for the Win. I feel like I can tell. My pants feel looser around the hips and waist. And my bra is definitely looser. (I have no problem with that.) Got to keep it going- any words of encouragement?

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