Monday, September 3, 2012

it's (almost) fall so that means...

First cold of the fall is already here! And it wasn't even September yet (though it is now- how the heck did that happen?!) It's not too, too bad but it still sucks. I think my colds always start as allergies and then settle into my chest. So I get to rattle everytime I (try to) breathe in and everything tastes like burnt snot. (Interesting sensation I just invoked, no?) But (product placement alert) Theraflu Warming (Daytime or Nightime) is my bestest cold friend. I love, love, love it and not just because it knocks me out. It really does help. (Way more than that fake NyQuil they're selling these days. And how come so many people still think it's so great? They took the good stuff out years ago!) Ahem, anyway... I guess if a cold had to hit, now was the time to do it- summer vacation is over, we're (mostly) back on school schedule, and nothing much else is happening this month, aside from the odd dentist appointment. Oh! Speaking of school, here's my kids' school pictures! Aren't they so handsome? The glare is from me taking a picture of their pictures, because I'm lazy. LOL

(Hmm, I seem to be stuck on center alignment now. Crap. Oh, well)
Guess I'd better enjoy this lull in the storm that's been my life because once October hits there's no slowing down until after Christmas!


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