Monday, April 23, 2012

books, books, books

My goal of 75 books read this year may seem like a long shot, especially since I'm just starting. Hmmm, let's see... from now until Dec 31st is a little over 8 months. So that's just a bit less than 10 books a month. Phbttt, easy-peasy. I have 3 books on reserve waiting for me at the library right now. Unless something drastic happens I bet I have them all read by the end of the week. When you are stuck at home without a  car and everything is too far away to walk to, you either clean a lot (yeah, right!), watch tv a lot (well, sometimes) or read a lot. I guess I could nap a lot but I'm trying to kick that habit. The withdrawal is murder but I think I can do it! No, I KNOW I can do. An occasional nap I have no issues with but all day, every day and the term nap no longer really covers it. But, I wandered off track here....
Books- I love to read with a passion. But I am not a book snob, in fact I'm like the opposite of a book snob, a book... ummm is there an opposite for snob? Let me go look. Well, the closest I came for an antonym for snob is... anti-snob. So, I guess I'm a book anti-snob. Which means the books I read are definitely not high brow. I like popular fiction, to put it vaguely- sci-fy, fantasy, suspense/thriller, romance, young adult, whatever. My one criterion for the books I read: I must be able to get lost in them. If I'm aware of the words on the page as I read then it's no good. When I get into a really juicy book I stop seeing each word, each sentence and just flow along with the story. It takes me out of the world I'm in, just for awhile.
I could have said my only criterion is if I just can't put it down. But there have actually been books that took me away but that I had no problem setting down when it was time for dinner, or bed, or getting the kids off to school. I'm always aware in the back of my  mind that there is a great story waiting for me to get back to but I have no problem doing whatever else needs to be done in the "real world" first. Maybe those are actually better- less like an addiction, more like a hobby.

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