Friday, April 27, 2012

it's my fault (but really it's not)

I'm just so chatty today. I can't help it if it was an overly-situational kinda day. We picked up my car. I asked about temporary tags. The sales guy said they don't do inspections (as is, no warranty, no inspections = way cheap car) so I would have to take it to get inspected in the morning then come back to the dealer for a temp tag or just go get the license plates. Great! Easy-peasy, right? Ummm, not so much. It is against the law to drive a car with no plates or temp tags. And, of course, on my way home who should appear right next to me? If you answered anything besides police officer, you're wrong. I was already preparing to pull over before he even turned on his lights. He was super nice and wrote everything down for me. At first he was going to have me leave the car there and have Shawn pick me up but after going through all of my paperwork he was just as confused as I was as to how the dealership works. So, long story a bit longer, after calling in my driver's license and talking to the hubby on the phone (he and I were both quick to say we would just park the car and have it towed to get inspected so MAJOR brownie points earned) he let me go with a warning and a tip that old still valid plates on the car would keep me from being pulled over while I got it inspected (wink, wink). So tomorrow our Caliber becomes a Spectra (our Spectra becomes a Caliber?) until it's passed inspection.

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