Thursday, April 26, 2012

you didn't know?

(its a little dirty)

Vroom, vroom! I'm getting a car! It's a 2006 Kia Spectre and I liiiiike it. :) This is my first time buying a used car since I was in college and I was way out of the loop on how it works. Part of that might be because I bought it from a dealer's wholesale lot (as is, no warranty) rather than the main lot. Don't worry I got it all checked out by a mechanic before I said yes. It does need a litttle work- wear and tear stuff, mostly. Brakes, tires, fluids flushed. But no MAJOR issues. Anyway, the paperwork was filled out today but then it has to be sent to the main dealer location to get all filed, etc so I'm picking it up tomorrow. Yesterday after the inspection my mom, who was my ride, just went home instead of going back to the lot with me. The sales guy said "How are you getting home then?" to which I stupidly said "Ummm, driving myself in THIS car?" Yeah, nope. Because I didn't know.

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