Saturday, April 14, 2012

rainy days

It's finally Saturday and it's raining. :) I love, love, love rainy weekend days. You can sleep in, lounge around in your pj's until noon, be lazy instead of being productive, and not feel guilty about it. I do most of the house cleaning (cough cough) during the week, so weekends are generally for bigger projects. But when it's raining it's like Mother Nature is saying "You deserve a day off." And who am I to disagree with Mother Nature? That's not to say we don't do anything. We do, we just take our time at it. Today we are heading out to join the Rec-Plex (gonna get in shape, even if it kills me!), then to Target to ramble around, then home to start on the taxes. Yes, start. Rainy weekernds aren't the only time we're lazy. So, stuff gets done, it just doesn't happen in a rush. (By the way, it's almost noon here and yes, I'm in my pajamas.)

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