Friday, April 13, 2012

surely i was never this tweeny

Today the chore list says "clean your room and vacuum carpet". Very straightforward and to the point. But it is never that simple here in tween-verse. I told my oldest that since he had been watching tv for 2 hours he needed to give his brother the remote and start cleaning his room. His brother decided to not take his turn and just start on his chores (b/c he actually can hear me when I talk). I then was forced to spend 15 minutes trying to lipread (yes, I'm deaf, you didn't know?) S-cubed's argument that I did NOT tell him he had to clean his room, just stop watching tv. Back and forth, back and forth. When finally I said "It doesn't matter if you heard me, the end result is the same, you are just wasting your own free time." Well, that shut him up pretty quick! He's still working on his room though. Yes, I check the closet and behind the bed and under the desk. That's nothing new. Are we sure this one is as smart as his tests say he is?

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