Sunday, April 22, 2012

so i totally suck at this blogging thing

I guess I should be actually blogging if I'm going to have a blog, yeah? So, what am I supposed to write about anyway? I guess I could tell you about my week.... it's soooo exciting (rolling eyes).

Monday- Eureka is back! I so love this show. And I'm so sad this is the final season. If you have SyFy (and you're a total geek) check it out, it's awesome!And thanks to Eureka (and The Guild- another geek must watch) I've found Wil Wheaton again and I'm so crushing. Weird to have a grown up crush on an actor I had a tweeny crush on over 20 years ago. (Damn- 20 YEARS!!! WTF?! When did I grow up?!)

Tuesday- nothin'

Wednesday- nothin'

Thursday- guess LOL

Friday- the kids were supposed to go to their mom's this weekend but she had to work (cough cough ahem). So to lift their moods we decided to go out to dinner. We only "go out" about once a month. (McDonalds and pizza delivery totally do not count). We hit The Pasta House b/c it's close and I had a coupon. I had the cannelloni and it was so. freakin. good. Plus our waitress was totally awesome. So 20% pre-coupon total tip for her. Because we are good tippers. And our kids will be too. We are training them. On our way out I noticed this little nail place down the strip called Diva Nails and Spa. Even though they were closed the guy closing up let me come in and make an appointment for the next day. Earning points already! Got home in time to catch an all new episode of Supernatural. Wow- what the heck did I miss this season by choosing Merlin on Friday nights?! Definitely gonna get this season on DVD.

Saturday- went to Diva to get my nails filled- and fixed! The last place I went totally butchered them. :( My nail tech was the guy who let me in the night before. He was very cool about the whole deaf thing and he did a GREAT job. Very thorough but careful- and fast! Another 20% tip there. Like I said, we're good tippers. Then home to take the kids up to the Rec Plex for swimming with some friends. The Rec Plex is a local recreational complex (ohhh that's where the name comes from. kidding. kidding!), kind of like the YMCA. It was exhausting and I didn't even swim! Home for a nap, then pizza for dinner b/c the two friends were sleeping over. That was the plan anyway. Then my oldest lost his cool and punched one of his friends! S-cubed got sent to bed and the friend decided to go home a bit later. I totally don't blame him. (My husband somehow blamed ME for the fight though! "Don't you even know what the f*ck is going on out there?!" Ummm, hello, no I don't b/c I'm not "out there" (I was in another room) and I'm DEAF. Duh. Besidees he should have used that time to come referee instead of IMing me on a computer I wasn't even on. So, there!

Sunday- that's today. Slept in. Updated my blog. Going to visit the seester and her munchkins later. Groceries. Dinner. Bed. So exciting. LOL

That's my life. Pretty dull, huh? Actually this was a slow week. Just wait until next week- end of the school year here we come! (Whether we're ready or not!)

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